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11/7/02: The boxes are going to eat Ima Goodlady.

halloween - go ppgs!

08/21/02: Cliff's new pooch: Georgia. Shepard/Lab mix rescued from the Bowling Green Humane Society. I was personally pulling for the Blue Tick Coon Hound, but Cliff didn't like the sag in her nipples. Anyway, this one's pretty dern cute.

08/14/02: Eighteen hours on the road, three days in the Kentucky heat lugging boxes and one mad dash through the airport to catch a flight back to civilization has left me in desparate need of another trip - to the salon!

Kentucky bound

07/25/02: Bri. Enjoying a quiet night at home with his ravioli.

07/18/02: Me and my new beau, Harrison (NOT as in Ford, doh). You can't see it here, but he's built. He treats me like a princess, and hey, everyone knows I like 'em young.

07/10/02: Gay pride. We're swimming in it.

parade pix

stuck in the khole!
06/28/02: Brent's stuck in the damn k-hole again. I'm telling you, you can't take that kid anywhere.

stuck in the khole!
06/17/02: Here's an idea. I'm the new poster girl for Republic. Can't you just see it? Me, blown up beyond life, hanging on the wall amidst the other scantily-clad (well, noodle-clad actually) models, enticing broke college students everywhere to eat pad thai.

Pix from Jesse's visit

Ooooh what a treat!
05/13/02: Aside from being your deep down body thirst quencher, Gatorade can also be color-coordinated with your active gear [note demonstration]. Do the benefits of this magical, electrolyte-laden beverage never end?
    (Main Entry: elec.tro.lyte
    Pronunciation: i-'lek-tr&-"lIt
    Function: noun
    Date: 1834
    1 : a nonmetallic electric conductor in which current is carried by the movement of ions
    2 : a substance that when dissolved in a suitable solvent or when fused becomes an ionic conductor
Is it safe to ingest that?!

More Bear Mountain pix

Ooooh what a treat!
05/27/02: Cliff's idea of swim trunks. Give him a break - he's from Kentucky.

More Memorial Day pix

Ooooh what a treat!
04/22/02:I just knew there was something not right with that Gidget.

Ooooh what a treat!
04/15/02: Comely Poot.

Ooooh what a treat!
04/08/02: This week's treat is brought to you by Dimitri. That's no refrigerator repairman ladies. Hells no - this charmer is a full fledged programming geek. Unfortunately, you are looking at his better side.